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4hc44四虎www     TDTG系列斗式4hc44四虎www在线中出是垂直输送颗粒或粉状物料的提升设备。用于粮库、种子或粮油加工厂等。外形美观,结构紧凑,提升物料连续、稳定、可靠。该机不适用于温度超过60OC、表面有油浸出或腐蚀物料的提升。

● 装配式观察窗和防爆口,有效防止粉尘爆炸,安全可靠(必要时,可另配自带式的二筒小脉冲除尘泄压);
● 配止逆转装置,可有效防止因停机引起的堵料;
● 机筒采用专用折边组合工艺,强度高、密封性好;
● 配备高强度轻质塑料畚斗,自重轻、耐磨损,提升产量并降低能耗;
● 采用强力畚斗带或聚脂尼龙畚斗带,延伸率低,耐用可靠;
● 机座可装顺、逆向进料斗,满足用户不同需要;
● 机座张紧装置采用重力式张紧或螺杆张紧;
● 可选配自动跑偏报警和速度监测系统。

Product overview

  TDTG series bucket elevators are vertical transporting granular or powder material lifting equipment.Using for grain, seed, or grain and oil processing plants, etc.Beautiful shape, compact structure, the promotion materials continuous, stable and reliable.The machine does not apply to more than 60 oc, surface temperature has been increased oil leaching or corrosive materials.

Round head adopts refined rubber adhesive, fire prevention, wear-resisting, effectively prevent the belt from slipping;
Low fabricated observation window and vent, effectively prevent dust explosion, safe and reliable, when necessary, can match with other type of 2 tube small pulse dust removal pressure);
With check reversing device, which can effectively prevent plugging material caused by downtime;
Barrel combination using special folding process, high strength, good sealing,
Equipped with high strength lightweight plastic winnowing pan, light weight, corrosion resistance, wear improve yield and reduce the energy consumption;
band using powerful winnowing pan or polyester nylon winnowing pan, low elongation, durable and reliable;
frame can be suitable, reverse feed hopper, satisfy customer's needs;
stand tensioning device adopts gravity tension or screw tensioning;
optional automatic running deviation alarm monitoring system and speed.


Working site


Mathods of installation




规格型号 输送量 (T/h) 轮径 (¢mm) 畚斗宽 (mm) 每米轴功率 (Kw)
TDTG3013 ~5 300 130 0.16
TDTG3018 5~7 300 180 0.2
TDTG3618 6~8 360 180 0.3
TDTG3623 8~10 360 230 0.5
TDTG4018 6~9 400 180 0.3
TDTG4023 8~12 400 230 0.5
TDTG5018 12~25 500 180 0.6
TDTG5023 20~30 500 230 0.8
TDTG5033 25~35 500 330 0.85
TDTG8046 40~50 800 460 1.0